Supporting technical skills growth of a Health Outcomes (HO) team

Drawing insights from our own comprehensive training programme to perform a capability assessment of the client team and inform recommendations for a structured training and development program


The challenge

Our client wanted to ensure that their HO team was well equipped to support the current and future needs of the business in line with the changing UK environment. They needed to develop the team’s overall capability as well as individuals’ technical skills and knowledge.

A comprehensive capability assessment of the client’s team needed to be carried out, along with a capability gap analysis in order to inform structured training recommendations.

The solution

After defining the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by the team, we developed role-specific competency matrices which included a measure of the capability demonstrated by each individual against these values. The matrices were developed as a tool to inform capability assessments to gauge existing skills and identify potential gaps.

In-depth interviews were conducted with team members to gain insight on their experience and confidence in HO research and to identify training gaps.

Key results

We were able to draw upon the experience of our own comprehensive training program in order to interpret the shared information and provide recommendations for the client.

As a result of the gap analysis we developed an executive report summary detailing the key findings and recommendations for development of the team, addressing technical skill gaps and delivering training.

Value to the client

As a result of the capability assessment and top-level training recommendations, the client was able to understand the team’s priorities and to ensure the required technical skills and knowledge were embedded in the team; individuals also had tailored development plans for their growth.

The competency matrix was incorporated as an in-house management tool to be used for future individual performance appraisals.

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