Securing pricing and reimbursement for a product in 17 EU countries

Developing a pricing strategy and submitting pricing and reimbursement dossiers for country‑specific pricing negotiations


The challenge

Our client was a small company without a large European presence and therefore needed resources, support and advice for the pricing of their biosimilar product across Europe to achieve successful reimbursement in 17 EU countries.

The solution

We provided full turnkey services which included:

  • Identification of acceptable price points through primary and secondary payer research.
  • Provision of strategic pricing recommendations for appropriate price and commercial schemes (e.g. differential pricing by targeting private patients in some markets) to optimise revenues in each market and across the EU as a whole.
  • Development of a launch sequence to optimise price across the EU countries.
  • Development of core value messages – A value dossier containing all the relevant data to support the value messages and a local payer value pack to ensure national and local payers understood the product’s value.
  • Development of a health economic model to communicate the economic value to both national and local payers, supported by robust evidence.
  • Preparation and submission of 17 EU pricing and reimbursement dossiers to secure national market access.

Value to the client

Partnering with us enabled our client to achieve market access for their product at a price that represented value to payers, physicians, patients and our client.

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