• Development of a symptom, impact and satisfaction measure in rosacea
  • Testing PRO measures in electronic devices for rosacea
  • Development of a photonumeric guide for rosacea
  • Patient interviews and reporting on a photoguide in rosacea
  • Cognitive photoguide interviews in rosacea
  • SAP development for phase II psych testing in rosacea
  • Simultaneous development and regulatory documentation of two PRO questionnaires to assess the signs and symptoms of interdigital tinea pedis and rosacea
  • Development of a PRO dossier for the Subject Self-Assessment of Erythema Scale (SSA) for erythematous rosacea
  • Linguistic validation and translation of the PAPSS, PAPI, PGIS, PGI-C, PGI-TS and PGI-SE in rosacea

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