Project management of a NICE multiple technology appraisal submission

Developing core value messages, identifying the critical path of activities and proactively organising internal workshops


The challenge

Our client wanted to maximise the opportunity of the NICE Multiple Technology Appraisal (MTA) to secure long term funding for their product for first-line use in all eligible patients.

Limited internal team resources and the need to integrate input from multiple disciplines meant that organising and co-ordinating the submission was challenging.

The solution

Our solution included:

  • Identification of key messages for a core value story to follow throughout the submission.
  • A road map with all milestones, critical paths and individual inputs.
  • Integrated contingency planning and review.
  • Individual meetings with team members to map available evidence and resources.
  • An in-house workshop with the full team to build working teams and roles.
  • Turnkey project management and advisory service.

Key results

We worked in conjunction with several  functions of the company to:

  • Develop a core value story to resonate across sections of the MTA submission.
  • Review key deliverables through active project management, communication and follow-up across internal teams.
  • Maintain an overall road map as an active plan with contingencies in place as necessary.

Value to the client

Our integrated approach provided expert input, advice and management to ensure the MTA submission was prepared on time and optimised for a successful outcome.

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