Making complex value evidence compelling, targeted and accessible

Tailoring presentations and reports based on local need utilising e-v@luate, our bespoke digital evidence platform


The challenge

Many of our global clients ask how they can help colleagues across their organisation to efficiently access, navigate and utilise specific evidence to create field-ready communications.

The solution

We developed e-v@luate ─ a web-based digital platform which allows any body of evidence and data to be indexed, fully interrogated and easily accessed to deliver instant, fully referenced, customisable reports and presentations with content aligned to specific requirements.

Key results

The platform has a flexible search function utilising ‘tagged’ data technology and can be adapted to any evidence type, including global value dossiers. This allows the evidence base to be interrogated by value message and specific value themes so the user can generate seamless reports and bespoke presentations targeted to their specific evidence needs at that time.

Value to the client

Our clients are able to bring together relevant evidence from disparate sources, resulting in efficient and targeted communication of their product value and supporting evidence for use and discussion with multiple stakeholders.

They are also able to capitalise on the initial investment by rolling out the platform for all products in their portfolio, providing a single point of access to the evidence from anywhere across the organisation (including language specific versions). As the platform can be easily updated, the latest evidence is always accessible.

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