Identifying and ensuring strategic alignment on the value drivers and evidence base across 14 European markets

Gap analysis to inform a strategic plan for continued market access


The challenge

Our client had launched a new product for the treatment of schizophrenia across a number of markets. In light of the upcoming loss of exclusivity for the market leader, our client’s older product, a key challenge was to ensure affiliates were aware of the key value drivers, unique attributes and supporting evidence for the new product (whilst not cannibalising sales of the existing market leader), and to promote internal strategic alignment to ensure market access at an appropriate price and continued uptake of the new product.

The solution

Consultation with 14 local affiliates (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia, Hungary and Poland) was conducted, alongside assimilation of the large body of supporting evidence. We delivered this project in three consecutive and complementary stages:

  • One hour in-depth telephone interviews to identify the key value drivers, current supporting evidence used in each market, and its impact.
  • Mapping of evidence provided to the key value drivers identified by the affiliates.
  • Mapping of evidence to the reimbursement requirements for relevant HTA bodies in the UK (NICE), Germany (IQWiG), France (HAS) and the EU (EUnetHTA).

We delivered these insights as an easy-to-navigate and interactive slide deck, detailing the current status of the product across relevant markets and the evidence base to support the different value drivers in each market.

Key results

The research provided a comprehensive overview of value drivers and evidence currently used across each market. The deliverable was developed with the end user in mind – evidence was mapped to value drivers to enable affiliates to identify additional evidence relating to the key value drivers used in their market, plus additional value drivers which would be used to support the product.

We highlighted evidence gaps by mapping the available evidence to HTA requirements and provided recommendations for future evidence generation, if submissions to these HTA bodies were required.

Value to the client

Our research provided the client with a clear picture of the evidence base and utilisation of value drivers across 14 markets. The cross-country sharing of resources ensured all affiliates were aware of the key value drivers and available evidence for the new product.

The subsequent strategic recommendations ultimately ensured the most relevant and cost effective investment of resources for evidence generation going forward.  The client appreciated deliverables which were relevant and useful to all local teams as well as the global team.

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