HPV vaccines

  • Value pack for a HPV vaccine
  • Payer value deck update for HPV
  • Literature review of epidemiology and economic data in HPV
  • Systematic literature review on the indirect protection from the HPV vaccination
  • HTA submission for a HPV vaccine
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of a HPV vaccine for Spain
  • Manuscripts on the German and Spanish cost-effectiveness analysis of a HPV vaccine
  • Brief adaptation of a Markov model for a HPV vaccine
  • Update of a budget impact model for a HPV vaccine
  • Analysis and reporting on the budget impact of a HPV vaccine
  • Training sales reps on an interactive model for a HPV vaccine
  • Update to European one-pager value communication tool for a nine-valent HPV vaccine
  • One-pager communication tool on cross-protection in HPV
  • Revision of one-pagers in HPV vaccines
  • e-v@luate platform for HPV vaccines
  • e-v@luate EVIDENCE platform for HPV vaccines
  • Evidence package (literature review and value messages) for HPV vaccination
  • Development of a rationale for the need for a HPV vaccine

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