Hepatitis A

  • Update to payer value deck in Hepatitis A
  • Payer material development for vaccines in hepatitis A
  • e-v@luate platform on vaccines for hepatitis A
  • Burden of disease literature review on hepatitis A in the UK and Ireland

Hepatitis B

  • Systematic literature review of a treatment for chronic hepatitis B
  • Preparation of a NICE submission for a hepatitis B drug
  • SMC submission for a treatment for chronic hepatitis B
  • Database analysis to calculate the economic burden of hepatitis B in the UK

Hepatitis C

  • Therapeutic area strategy analysis and reporting in chronic hepatitis C virus
  • Biomarkers in the treatment of hepatitis C virus infected patients – personalised medicine
  • Maximizing the use of a treatment for hepatitis C-infected patients through personalised medicine – extending the tool to additional treatments
  • Treatment algorithm for hepatitis C treatment
  • One-pager value communication tool for Hepatitis C
  • Comprehensive literature research in chronic hepatitis C in Asian countries
  • Database development and analysis in hepatitis C
  • Concept elicitation and cognitive debriefing interviews with hepatitis C patients in multiple countries
  • Development of an EMA summary document for several instruments used in hepatitis C trials
  • Development of a PRO outcomes summary document and communications support in hepatitis C trials
  • Description, interpretation and analysis of pooled data related to the use of several questionnaires, scales and screening tests in three hepatitis C clinical trials
  • Conceptual model for patients with hepatitis C
  • Psychometric validation of a hepatitis C symptom checklist using phase III trial data
  • Treatment patterns, healthcare utilization and costs associated with the hepatitis C virus in Japan
  • Selection of PRO measures for hepatitis C trials