Framework for real-life data generation and communication

Development of a toolkit via an interactive platform to provide easy access to current evidence and future research guidance for affiliates


The challenge

Our client had conducted a number of real world evidence generation studies across multiple countries, for multiple different objectives.

To facilitate country implementation of research across the globe and help develop partnerships with key stakeholders, our client wanted to create a toolkit for real world evidence generation and communication of the completed research across two cardiovascular indications.

The solution

We conducted an in-depth review of the completed and ongoing real world data studies to summarise existing evidence and identify key gaps in the research.

This included:

  • Individual interviews with affiliates to determine evidence needs.
  • Review of available in-house evidence.
  • A published literature review.
  • A gap analysis and development of required materials to fill the identified gaps.

An interactive framework was then designed with guidance to support navigation and communication of the real world evidence solutions.

Key results

The evidence review and gap analysis enabled development of a toolkit within this overall framework. Affiliates were able to identify previously completed studies and to implement the guidance to develop their own study designs.

Key features of the toolkit included the ability of the user to determine their specific objectives for real world evidence generation.  This then enabled navigation to examples of where this had been completed previously, to study concepts or to protocols for generating new real world evidence.

Value to the client

Our research enabled local affiliates to generate real world evidence through collaboration with national, regional and local payers, KOLs and other stakeholders.

The client gained an invaluable framework to aid in addressing the key challenges to market access through real world evidence generation as well as an accessible communication platform to drive best practice and consistency across affiliates.

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