Enabling timely updates to complex data sets and tailored materials

Utilising e-v@luate, our bespoke digital evidence platform, to update tailored presentations and reports centrally and disseminate rapidly


The challenge

Our client needed an easy-to-use and cost effective way of updating centralised complex data sets and extensive information resources, with simple dissemination of changes to affiliates and associated localised reports and presentations.

The solution

We utilised our branded solution e-v@luate, a web-based digital platform, to provide a centralised information resource which could be easily and quickly updated to reflect new data.

e-v@luate was designed to facilitate creation of tailored reports at a global or local level, providing timely dissemination of new evidence. Once uploaded, evidence is up‑to‑date and all references are also re‑aligned.

Key results

Our client used the platform effectively to update value messages and disseminate the information to their wider team, along with original and new supporting evidence.

This new data was easily integrated to the existing product information, and new reports and presentations were updated simply and effectively using the flexible search functions within e-v@luate.

Value to the client

Capitalising on the initial investment, the platform was used to ensure that the latest evidence was always accessible for in-house and in-field use.

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