Developing value communication tools for in-field market access teams

A suite of presentations to identify the burden of disease, demonstrate the product value, and anticipate objections from payers


The challenge

Following outstanding phase II/III study results, our client was preparing to launch a highly anticipated immuno-oncology treatment. In order to optimise the product’s uptake, the global team required succinct tailored product communications to anticipate any major hurdle questions from payers that could be detrimental to market access.

The solution

We developed a set of comprehensive payer-focused presentations based on an extensive targeted literature search, market insight and a thorough review of all the available clinical and economic evidence:

  • Burden of disease – education regarding the therapy area, pinpointing unmet needs in the treatment pathway and understanding the clinical, economic and humanistic impact of the disease.
  • Payer value – communicating the product value to payers through clinical, humanistic and economic messages.
  • Objection handler – anticipating the most likely questions to be raised by payers (based on affiliate feedback and market analysis) and providing a consensus response to counteract them, using the most relevant data available.

The slide decks were updated when new clinical trial data became available, ensuring that our client’s affiliates would have access to the latest evidence.

Key results

The slide decks provided a comprehensive and fully referenced source of individual value messages with supporting evidence and agreed responses to difficult payer questions.

Given the individual nature of each slide reflecting a single value message, local teams were able to adapt the decks for in-country use by selecting key messages or areas of interest to focus on.

Value to the client

The value communication materials provided an invaluable resource for local teams to refer to and to guide conversations with payers, ultimately playing a part in the successful launch of our client’s new product.

Our rigorous yet flexible approach and deep understanding of the payer market has enabled us to become a trusted partner in developing market access materials across a wide range of oncology indications for our client.

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