Demonstrating value for a portfolio of biosimilar products across a range of therapy areas

Communicating effective value demonstration for our client’s portfolio of biosimilars to facilitate discussions with payers


The challenge

Our client had a substantial portfolio of biosimilar products that covered several therapy areas including immunology and diabetes.

Despite the advantages of biosimilars in terms of their cost effectiveness to healthcare systems, payers and physicians were generally unfamiliar with these new products and therefore clear and compelling value communication would be crucial for them to obtain reimbursement and to facilitate discussions with payers.

The solution

Through our vast experience with biosimilars, we were able to implement a robust, efficient process that enabled the timely delivery of multiple value demonstration documents including:

  • Global value dossiers
  • Payer value slide decks
  • Budget impact models
  • Frequently asked questions/objection handlers
  • AMCP dossiers

Key results

We delivered a high quality programme of value demonstration materials that not only communicated the value of our client’s products but also served as an educational piece to help inform payers.

Value to the client

Our client had access to a wide range of supporting value demonstration documents that clearly and effectively communicated the overall value of the clients’ biosimilar products and can be used to facilitate discussions with payers.

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