Defining the wider burden of illness to support the launch of a breakthrough oncology therapy in Europe

Systematic evidence review, burden quantification and effective results dissemination


The challenge

Our client was launching a new oncology therapy into an increasingly competitive European market where superior clinical outcomes alone may not have demonstrated enough ‘added value’ to payers to ensure optimal reimbursement at launch.

There was a need to demonstrate the broader value in terms of patient health related quality of life (HRQoL), societal burden (indirect costs), and caregiver burden.

The solution

We provided a multi-faceted solution using a robust, phased methodology.

1. Systematic literature reviews to:

  • Understand the published evidence relating to the impact of cancer on patients’ HRQoL, societal burden and caregiver burden.
  • Identify key evidence gaps.
  • Generate strategic recommendations for real world data generation and quantification.

2. Qualitative interviews with caregivers to:

  • Validate literature review findings.
  • Review the HRQoL measures used in practice.
  • Gain real world insight on patient and caregiver burden and inform the protocol for burden quantification.

3. Real world data collection from oncology patients and caregivers, and data analysis to quantify the resource use and costs associated with managing oncology patients and caregivers.

4. Publications to communicate study results to key external stakeholders (e.g. payers and physicians).

Key results

We utilised our breadth of expertise to define the impact on patient HRQoL, societal and caregiver burden in oncology.

This robust evidence base provided our client with a platform to effectively demonstrate and support their new therapy’s broader value proposition through both payer communication materials and external publications.

Value to the client

Our client was able to draw upon the unique expertise of our multi-disciplinary team to develop an evidence-based value proposition that acted as a key differentiator for their new high value oncology therapy.

The communication was used to support optimal reimbursement and uptake of their product at launch.

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