Defining and demonstrating value for a novel medical device in a crowded disease area

Developing a compelling evidence-based value proposition to support reimbursement in key European markets


The challenge

Having developed a new delivery device for a generic respiratory drug in a crowded disease area, our client needed a compelling value story for their product to differentiate it from the competition and maximise European uptake. However, given the generic nature of the drug, little clinical and economic data was available to support the proposition for the delivery device.

The solution

The drug was a generic of the gold standard treatment. The device had been designed to address limitations with available devices and this was the differentiator for the product. To support successful market access, we defined a robust, compelling and differentiating value proposition along with developing a series of value demonstration tools and materials in time for the launch of the product across Europe.

First, we conducted a broad literature search to identify areas of unmet need within the disease area and to position the product on the current market. We then collated and reviewed all the available evidence supporting the product and developed a full suite of value demonstration and communication tools which included:

  • Value proposition and value messages: Defining the clinical, humanistic and economic value of the device.
  • Core value dossier: A central source of all the device’s value messages and supporting evidence, which also included disease burden and competitor analysis.
  • Objection handler: A comprehensive help sheet providing informed responses to potential payer objections.
  • Budget impact model: An excel-based interactive tool illustrating the potential savings with the client’s product versus comparator products across a range of EU markets.
  • Communication materials: Including an impactful payer value slide kit for local/regional in-field market access teams, conference abstracts, posters and a manuscript to validate our research methods and raise the product profile.

Key results

Our experienced experts produced a wide portfolio of innovative market access materials tailored to the identified unmet needs of the disease area and which met stakeholder needs. Key value arguments were focused on patient‑friendly features, improved compliance and budget impact.

By focusing on the unmet need in a crowded disease area, defining the value potential followed by research and development of communication tools, we ensured that our client could communicate tangible value for a product with otherwise little supporting evidence.

Value to the client

Our work enabled our client to present compelling arguments during payer negotiations – they were highly satisfied with our quality and expertise and thanked us for the flexibility in our working approach.

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