Communicating the value of vaccines to global payers

Developing a payer value deck to support regional payer discussions and promote reimbursement in ex-US countries


The challenge

Having a long-established vaccine brand, our client was seeking to enter region-specific markets where the vaccine was not considered in their public health policy.

As competitor vaccines held the majority of the market share in specific population subgroups in these regions, our client was targeting alternative at-risk population sub-groups currently not vaccinated.

The solution

We developed a payer value deck for use in payer negotiations that specifically focused on the target regions and the at-risk population subgroups. Evidence was provided to communicate the:

  • Disease epidemiology, particularly in at-risk populations.
  • Clinical, humanistic and economic burden of disease.
  • Brand-specific coverage of target populations.
  • Global recommendations for vaccine use.
  • Clinical value and economic value of the brand.

Icons, visuals and graphics were added in a clear and simple layout to highlight key aspects of the value story for easy use by the reader.

Key results

A visually impactful deck was produced to effectively communicate the value of the vaccine brand to payers. Individual slides on region-specific data facilitated easy presentation of the relevant information for country-specific payers.

Value to the client

Our expertise in value communication provided a versatile and flexible deck that allowed field teams to focus relevant information and guide conversations with local payers.

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