HPV vaccines

  • Value pack for a HPV vaccine
  • Payer value deck update for HPV
  • Literature review of epidemiology and economic data in HPV
  • Systematic literature review on the indirect protection from the HPV vaccination
  • HTA submission for a HPV vaccine
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of a HPV vaccine for Spain
  • Manuscripts on the German and Spanish cost-effectiveness analysis of a HPV vaccine
  • Brief adaptation of a Markov model for a HPV vaccine
  • Update of a budget impact model for a HPV vaccine
  • Analysis and reporting on the budget impact of a HPV vaccine
  • Training sales reps on an interactive model for a HPV vaccine
  • Update to European one-pager value communication tool for a nine-valent HPV vaccine
  • One-pager communication tool on cross-protection in HPV
  • e-v@luate platform for HPV vaccines
  • e-v@luate EVIDENCE platform for HPV vaccines
  • Development of a rationale for the need for a HPV vaccine

Influenza vaccines

  • Economic value dossiers for influenza vaccines in a) an unprimed paediatric population and b) a primed school age population (intranasal delivery) including literature review, gap analysis and recommendations
  • Communications package for an influenza vaccine
  • Communication of the economics of an influenza vaccine
  • Two manuscripts on an influenza vaccine for patients at risk and patients over 65 years old in France
  • Review of influenza vaccine uptake data
  • Updating an economic model of influenza vaccination (phase 1) – update of a model in patients aged over 65 years in France and the UK
  • Economic evaluation of a workplace influenza vaccination in Russia
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of an influenza vaccine
  • Adaptation of a cost effectiveness model for an influenza vaccine for Germany, Austria and Mexico
  • Conference poster on the cost effectiveness of adjuvant influenza vaccination in France
  • Adaptation of an influenza vaccine model to Belgium
  • Regulatory support for the validation of a questionnaire for influenza vaccination

Other vaccines

  • One-pager value communication tool for the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine
  • Development of an e-v@luate EVIDENCE platform for a vaccines portfolio
  • Payer material development for vaccines in hepatitis A, rotavirus gastroenteritis (RVGE), shingles and varicella
  • Payer value slides for a varicella vaccine
  • Payer value deck for an MMR and varicella vaccine
  • Payer communications on a herpes zoster vaccine
  • e-v@luate platform on vaccines for HPV, varicella, MMR, shingles, hepatitis A and rotavirus
  • Strategic consultancy on physician attitudes and preferences regarding adult vaccinations

Pneumococcal vaccines

  • Manuscripts on the health economics of a pneumococcal vaccine
  • Manuscripts on a vaccine for pneumococcal disease
  • Payer communications on a vaccine for pneumococcal disease
  • Responses to payer questions update on a pneumococcal disease vaccine
  • Payer value deck update for a pneumococcal disease vaccine
  • Payer material development on a pneumococcal disease vaccine
  • Update to a one-page value proposition on a pneumococcal disease vaccine
  • e-v@luate platform on a pneumococcal disease vaccine