Surgery, anaesthesiology and wound care


  • Economic analysis and trial design in hip replacement
  • Health economic endpoints for a locally-acting treatment to provide pain relief after surgery
  • Powerpoint storyboard to support and demonstrate an economic modelling tool in anaesthesiology
  • Preparation of a data collection questionnaire in anaesthesiology for local markets
  • Pricing and reimbursement guidelines on anaesthesia and analgesia for Europe, Canada and Australia
  • Evaluation of the cost of operating time in Japan in relation to anaesthesiology
  • Stakeholder needs analysis in anaesthesiology
  • Recommendation for the use of a PRO in a phase IIIb trial in anaesthesia and face/content validity testing
  • Feasibility of developing a composite endpoint to assess patients’ quality of recovery after surgery requiring anaesthesia and the use of a reversal agent
  • Advisory board on anaesthesia and analgesia
  • Productivity workshop on anaesthesia and analgesia
  • Consultation on PRO assessments and analysis on anaesthesia and analgesia
  • Strategy for FDA translation validity checklist in anaesthesia and analgesia
  • Development of a conceptual framework and SAP for a treatment for neuromuscular block
  • Feasibility study for the surgeon satisfaction questionnaire with quality of surgery related to neuromuscular block
  • Translation of the Bridion Operating Room Study into Japanese
  • Treatment effect analyses based on a Quality of Recovery questionnaire (QoR-40) and Reversal Agent Satisfaction Questionnaire (RASQ) in neuromuscular block
  • Development of a surgeon satisfaction questionnaire for anaesthetic block
  • Endpoint review and gap analysis in bone healing

Post-operative ileus

  • Literature review of the management of post-operative ileus in Europe
  • Analysis of the burden of illness of post-operative ileus in 4 European countries
  • Analysis of post-operative ileus in a complicated population using country-specific databases


  • Identification of data inputs for a Canadian budget impact model in surgery
  • Research into resource utilisation for post-operative pain for HE modelling
  • Development of an economic model for treatment in post-liver transplant in paediatric patients
  • Value dossier on a treatment for post liver transplant in paediatric patients
  • AMCP dossiers for several surgical products
  • Value slide deck for bariatric surgery
  • Training in a manual compression device for surgery
  • Strategic review of European market access potential for a surgical device
  • General consultancy on economics, quality of life and reimbursement in lung volume reduction surgery in emphysema
  • Development of a PRO questionnaire in abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
  • Consulting on PRO claims and an FDA dossier on abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
  • Publications on the tummy tuck development and validation project
  • Phase III analysis of a tummy tuck clinical trial
  • Pre- and post-surgery research study in hidradenitis suppurativa
  • Protocol review, case report form and analysis plan for a treatment to prevent complications of vascular surgery
  • Matched cohort pulmonary embolism evaluation in orthopaedic surgery in Japan
  • Manuscript on the incidence of venous thromboembolism following major abdominal surgery
  • Abdominal surgery cohort study to evaluate the risk of venous thromboembolism
  • Non-parametric statistics PRO endpoints on cosmetic surgery on the chin
  • Development of a photonumeric guide and PRO measure of surgical scarring
  • Support for a value dossier submission for a treatment for moderate surgical bleeding in Asia-Pacific
  • Training work on post-operative nausea and vomiting
  • Delphi panel to estimate nursing time in post-operative pain management

Surgical infections

  • Development of an interactive model for skin and nasal antiseptic for infection prevention, allowing users to tailor settings to stakeholders’ specific circumstances at a regional or local level or within hospital departments
  • Scientific communication of a budget impact model for prevention of surgical skin infections

Wound care

  • Analysis of client’s value research in wound care treatment
  • Investigation of ‘Trauma’ for a treatment in wound care
  • e-v@luate platform for wound care evidence
  • Value demonstration on a new wound care technology and the cost of pain management, allowing data to be tailored for local markets and local payers
  • Review of a Japanese pricing submission in wound care
  • Development and validation of a ClinRO to measure changes in peristomal skin