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We are a dynamic and highly qualified team of people who share a real passion for what we do. We take pride in partnering with our clients to understand their challenges and work collaboratively to deliver results that inform healthcare decisions and improve patients’ lives.

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Abi Williams | Adelphi Values
Adam Gater | Adelphi Values
Adam Gater
Patient-Centered Outcomes
With extensive experience of assisting clients in the selection, modification, development and validation of Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs) for regulatory and market access purposes, Adam provides senior strategic input and leads research teams in the delivery of projects across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

He also has interest in and has published research on treatment tolerability, satisfaction and adherence. Adam holds an MSc in Health Psychology and a BSc in Psychology, from Staffordshire University and the University of Leeds, respectively.

Outside of work, Adam divides his time between playing 5-a-side football (badly), gigging with his band (usually in front of about 10 people) and filling the spare room with his growing collection of retro video games (much to his wife’s annoyance!)
Adam Roeder | Adelphi Values
Alan Shields | Adelphi Values
Alan Shields
Patient-Centered Outcomes US
With experience of study design and instrument development, implementation, and psychometric evaluation across a wide variety of therapeutic areas, Alan provides senior, strategic input on projects focused on the development and implementation of patient-reported and other outcomes assessment instruments.

Alan trained as a clinical psychologist and received his PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Montana.

Aside from his work, Alan and his wife are raising their three daughters Isabella, Johanna, and Elliot in their log cabin in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Tennessee.
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Ashley Enstone | Adelphi Values
Ashley Enstone
Associate Director
Adelphi Values | PROVE
Ben Rousseau | Adelphi Values
Ben Rousseau
Senior Director
Adelphi Values | PROVE
With extensive experience of strategic value communications planning and delivery of a broad range of communication and digital solutions, Ben provides senior direction to the project teams to help clients maximize the potential value of their products.

Ben holds a BSc in Pharmacology and Physiology from the University of Leeds.
Benjamin Banderas | Adelphi Values
Benjamin Banderas
Patient-Centered Outcomes
With extensive experience in development and psychometric evaluation of Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs) for regulatory and publication purposes, Ben provides senior strategic input and leads research teams in the delivery of projects across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Ben is published in both development and psychometric evaluation of COAs and currently holds a Bachelor of Science from Boston University in Health Science with a focus on Public Health and Epidemiology. Ben has also successfully completed graduate courses at Tufts University in Epidemiology and Study Design.

Living in southern California (but hailing from the North East) Ben enjoys spending time with his wife Christine and daughter Amelia while teaching them both (much to their chagrin) the ins and outs of Red Sox history.
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Chloe Tolley | Adelphi Values
Chloe Tolley
Associate Director
Patient-Centered Outcomes
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David Harrison | Adelphi Values
David Harrison
General Manager
David brings extensive experience of management of professional services agencies and works with the senior leadership team to support our clients to optimise healthcare interactions. David is also the Chief Operating Officer of Adelphi Group.
Diane Turner-Bowker | Adelphi Values
Diane Turner-Bowker
Senior Director
Patient-Centered Outcomes
With an expertise that spans across many facets of health outcomes research and therapeutic areas, Diane provides senior scientific leadership on the development, evaluation, and implementation of clinical outcome assessments (COAs) for use in medical product development to support regulatory, payer, and communication strategies, as well as for use in clinical practice to support healthcare and disease management initiatives.

Diane earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Rhode Island with a concentration in social and behavioral health research.

Diane lives in Rhode Island with her husband, Bob, and their children Maia and Robert. Their favorite family activities involve baseball/softball, basketball, band concerts, snowmobiling, and racing events.
Elaine Brohan | Adelphi Values
Elaine Brohan
Associate Director
Patient-Centered Outcomes
With extensive qualitative and quantitative research experience, and particular interest in developing clinician-and patient-reported outcomes measures, patient decision aids, and ways of measuring illness-related stigma, Elaine is involved in the design, delivery, analysis and reporting of Patient-Centered Outcomes projects.

Elaine has published extensively and holds a PhD in Psychology from King’s College London, an MSc in Health Psychology from the University of Surrey, and BA in Applied Psychology from the University College Cork, Ireland. She is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

Having recently moved to Cheshire, Elaine enjoys taking full advantage of local hikes and village pubs. She also likes to spend time in her native Ireland as often as possible.
Elizabeth Exall | Adelphi Values
Emily Farrington | Adelphi Values
Emily Farrington
Associate Director
Adelphi Values | PROVE
Emily Love | Adelphi Values
Fiona Taylor | Adelphi Values
Fiona Taylor
Senior Research Manager
Patient-Centered Outcomes
With 10 years of experience in the development, evaluation, and implementation of clinical outcome assessments, Fiona leads project teams within the Patient-Centered Outcomes practice, managing both qualitative and quantitative health outcomes research studies.

Fiona holds a Masters degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from the University of Oxford, with final year options in oncology, virology, and neuropharmacology.

Outside of work, Fiona enjoys spending time in the great outdoors and can be found hiking, rock climbing, sailing, or snowboarding, depending on the season.
Francesca Tavella | Adelphi Values
Francesca Tavella
Associate Director
Adelphi Values | PROVE
With an in-depth knowledge of different healthcare systems and payer requirements, Francesca provides strategic input on projects to help clients optimise pricing, maximise reimbursement and increase market access. Having worked in both consultancy and pharma companies, Francesca truly understands the client’s needs as well as the day-to-day challenges that can occur internally and always strives to work in the most efficient and time-effective manner.

Francesca holds a PharmD from Italy and a Master in International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy from the SDA Bocconi School of Management. During her free time she loves to play sports and shares this passion with her son. She enjoys exploring the countryside, travelling to sunny places and cooking Italian vegan food.
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Helen Landels | Adelphi Values
Helen Landels
Associate Director
Adelphi Values | PROVE
With broad experience in different therapeutic conditions and pharmaceutical products, Helen leads Adelphi Values | PROVE projects to optimise market access for new products and treatments, with a key focus on driving efficiencies and demonstrating value.

Prior to joining Adelphi Values | PROVE, Helen was a lead pharmacist in Acute and Emergency Medicine within the NHS, providing her with experience in evidence-based guideline writing and implementation, and an in-depth knowledge of the architecture of the NHS and decision-making processes with key stakeholders.

Helen holds a Masters in Pharmacy (MPharm) from the University of Nottingham, a Clinical Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy Practice (PGDip) from the University of Central Lancashire, and is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

Helen prides herself on being a country girl and enjoys being out in the countryside with her dog. She also loves to travel which is usually centred around sampling the local cuisine, which she also enjoys attempting to recreate in the kitchen.
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Jo Sollano | Adelphi Values
Jo Sollano
Senior Vice President (SVP)
Adelphi Values | PROVE - US Hub
As a highly accomplished Health Outcomes/Real World Evidence, Market Access and Reimbursement senior executive, Jo provides expert strategic and tactical technical support to our ongoing global market access and HEOR projects to ensure that the needs and expectations of the client are met, and the identified deliverables are completed to a high quality standard.

Jo holds a Dr.PH. (Doctor of Public Health) in International Health Policy and Health Economics and a M.P.H in Cardiovascular Epidemiology, both from the Columbia University School of Public Health, and a B.S.N from the Hunter Bellevue School of Nursing.
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Kim Cocks | Adelphi Values
Kim Cocks
Director and Principal Statistician
Patient-Centered Outcomes
With extensive experience in clinical trials as a medical statistician and an instrument developer with the EORTC quality of life group, Kim provides strategic input on instrument development and the analysis and interpretation of patient-reported outcome data. She specialises in the analysis of longitudinal data with informative missing data.

Her PhD in Medicine from the University of Leeds used novel methodology to guide interpretation of scores from one of the most used oncology patient-reported outcome measures, the EORTC QLQ-C30. The published guidelines are now widely cited and provide guidance on appropriate minimally important differences (MIDs) for each subscale.

Kim lives in a small village in the Yorkshire Dales with her husband and two children. She enjoys running, hiking and golf…anything in the Great British countryside really!
Kristen Marino Shah | Adelphi Values
Kristen Marino Shah
Associate Director, People Operations
Patient-Centered Outcomes
With over twelve years of Human Resources Generalist and Manager experience within high technology, insurance and alternative energy organizations, Kristen manages Human Resources for Adelphi Values US, including employer branding, recruitment, staff development, employee relations and compensation.

Kristen holds a BA in Business Management from Regis College in Weston, MA.

A proud child of the 1980’s, Kristen spends her free time listening to 80’s pop bands, and educating her twin daughters about “the good old days.”
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Leighann Litcher-Kelly | Adelphi Values
Leighann Litcher-Kelly
Associate Director
Patient-Centered Outcomes
With over 10 years’ experience in clinical research in both academia and industry, Leighann has expertise in both qualitative and quantitative patient-centered research. She has developed clinical outcome assessments (COAs) across a broad range of therapeutic areas, but has particular interest in outcomes for gastrointestinal diseases.

Leighann earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Social/Health Psychology from Stony Brook University, with a concentration in methodology and analysis. In addition, Leighann completed advanced training in clinical trial design and biostatistics.

Leighann lives in New York with her husband and twin daughters. In the summer they enjoy spending time sailing the Long Island Sound and beyond. In the winter they work on all the home projects they neglected during the summer, and count down the days until their boat goes back in the water.
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Louise Heron | Adelphi Values
Louise Heron
Senior Director
Adelphi Values | PROVE
With experience in leading and conducting landscaping, literature and internet-based research projects, and developing impactful evidence-based value strategies, Louise leads PROVE projects to optimise market access for new products and treatments.

Louise holds an MA from the University of Cambridge, specialising in Pharmacology in her final year, and a Masters in Health Economics from the University of York.

When not in her kitchen recreating the comfort food from her childhood home of Singapore, Louise enjoys travelling and experiencing as many new cuisines as possible.
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Megan OBrien | Adelphi Values
Megan OBrien
Associate Director
Megan plays a core role in delivering assignments in a range of strategy and market access areas, from payer advisory boards and internal client workshops to secondary pricing research, primary research design and execution. With broad experience of global health systems, Megan has run international country research covering Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil and the Far East. Prior to joining Adelphi Values, Megan received a 2:1 Bachelor’s degree in Business and Mathematics from the University of Chester.
When not in the office, Megan enjoys long walks in the Cheshire countryside.
Michael DeRosa | Adelphi Values
Michael DeRosa
Associate Director
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Nick Proctor | Adelphi Values
Nick Proctor
Adelphi Values | PROVE
Nick has been a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years and has spent most of that delivering strategic payer and market access assignments for the largest and most innovative biopharmaceutical brands in the world. Nick has led payer and access assignments covering more than 20 countries and conducted research personally with payers from 10, so always brings a global perspective to any assignment.

Never having quite lost his academic love of sharing knowledge, Nick speaks at a number of Universities and is a faculty member of the highly acclaimed Centre for Executive Leadership for the Pharmaceutical Industry where he helps participants from every segment of the industry understand the processes and motivations behind payer decision-making.

Nick holds a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Aberdeen and PhD in Medicine and Pharmacy from the University of Manchester.

When he isn’t living through the highs and lows of a Scottish rugby supporter, Nick loves to unwind by listening to history podcasts while he cooks.
Nicola Bonner | Adelphi Values
Nicola Bonner
Associate Director
Patient-Centered Outcomes
In her position as an Associate Director, Nikki provides senior input on the delivery of projects within the Patient-Centered Outcomes practice of Adelphi Values. Nikki has a particular interest in orphan and rare diseases and has conducted a number of projects involving patients with rare diseases and their caregivers and has presented an ISPOR workshop on evidence requirements in rare diseases.

Nikki has a BSc (Hons) degree in Biology and English from Keele University and an MSc (Distinction) in Psychological Research Methods from The Open University.

Having grown up on a farm in the Cheshire countryside when not at work Nikki enjoys being outside, spending time looking after animals or just enjoying the local scenery. When not outside Nikki can be found channelling her inner farmer’s wife in the kitchen cooking or baking.
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Rachael Lawrance | Adelphi Values
Rachael Lawrance
Associate Director and Principal Statistician
Patient-Centered Outcomes
Rachael provides statistical leadership and input to projects for the Patient-Centered Outcomes team at Adelphi Values. Rachael has extensive experience of the pharmaceutical industry and clinical trials and programmes, including those with clinical trial objectives relating to assessing the effect of treatment using patient reported outcomes.

Prior to joining Adelphi Values, Rachael worked for sixteen years at a global pharma company, most recently as Principal Statistician and as global-project statistician on a number of oncology projects. Rachael is an active member of the scientific committee for ‘Statisticians in Pharmaceutical Industry’ professional body (PSI).

Outside work, Rachael loves being out in the Peak District with her husband and two boys, and is a very keen fell runner.
Rachel Ryder | Adelphi ValuesRebecca Grimes | Adelphi Values
Rebecca Hall | Adelphi Values
Rebecca Hall
Associate Director
Patient-Centered Outcomes
Richard Perry | Adelphi Values
Richard Perry
Adelphi Values | PROVE
Richard has 30 years’ experience in the healthcare industry including a number of managerial positions in pharmaceutical firms and market research agencies. He has detailed knowledge of product development and commercialisation, health economics and outcomes, market research and disease-specific area knowledge. As a key member of the team that developed Adelphi’s Disease Specific Programmes, he has worked across most therapeutic areas in generating real world evidence and leveraging communication to support market access.

With experience in leading and conducting landscaping, literature and internet-based research projects along with developing impactful evidence-based value strategies, Richard leads Adelphi Values | PROVE projects to optimise market access for new products and treatments.

Richard’s free time largely revolves around his wife, gardening and keeping three large dogs exercised and entertained. He also has a love for loud metal music and attending metal festivals and concerts (an interest not shared by his wife!).
Rob Arbuckle | Adelphi Values
Rob Arbuckle
Managing Director
Patient-Centered Outcomes
With over 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry and experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas and particular interest in paediatric and gastrointestinal health outcomes, Rob leads the EU Patient-Centered Outcomes practice. He provides strategic leadership on projects involving development, validation and implementation of PRO, ObsRO and ClinRO measures to meet regulatory and market access goals.

Rob has an MA in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh and an MSc in Applied Psychology from the University of Manchester. His undergraduate thesis involved validating a questionnaire in a clinical population of adolescent children and his MSc dissertation involved validating a self-report measure of attachment in a sample of patients with psychosis.

Having grown up in rural Scotland Rob has a love of the outdoors and enjoys running, cycling, skiing, hiking and other activities that give him a chance to savour the British drizzle.
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Sophi Tatlock | Adelphi Values
Sophi Tatlock
Associate Director
Patient-Centered Outcomes
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Steve Handley | Adelphi Values
Steve Handley
Managing Director and Senior Vice President
Adelphi Values | PROVE
With over 30 years’ healthcare industry experience and extensive knowledge of market access, product development and commercialisation, Steve leads the PROVE practice in providing insight for strategic decision-making and facilitating effective communication of product value.

His pharmaceutical experience spans all stages of the product life cycle, and during his career Steve has held senior management roles in the NHS as well as with a number of blue chip pharmaceutical companies, contract manufacturing organisations and medical communication agencies. He has worked closely with numerous pharmaceutical clients and within academia, increasing HEOR understanding through training and awareness programs, providing insight to support strategic decision-making and value communication. Subsequently, he has been responsible for the creation of numerous global/core value dossiers, reimbursement and AMCP dossiers, as well as product value access tools suitable for local/regional use in different countries across multiple therapeutic areas.
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Tim Gaunt | Adelphi Values
Tim Gaunt
Business Development Director
Adelphi Values | PROVE
Tim provides senior commercial insight and relationship management and works in partnership with all clients to ensure the clients needs are at the heart of Adelphi Values work. Tim works closely with clients to help provide insight and understanding of market access strategies and has a real passion for ensuring the right solutions are found to deliver the right outcomes for patients, client and payers. Tim has extensive experience working with all key stakeholder in the pharmaceutical industry including payers, commissioners and clinicians.

Prior to joining Adelphi, he spent over 20 years working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries working with a broad range of large and small pharmaceutical companies and the likes of Bupa. He has a large amount of experience in managing market access and cross functional teams and has worked across a vast array of therapeutic areas. Tim has a strong understanding and experience in the successful launch and reimbursement of new drugs to market.

Tim’s outside work interests are mostly based around having fun with his young family, bike riding, camping and being a personal and free taxi!
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